I have a tattoo of the word “brain” in hieroglyphics on my forearm. Generally people ask me if it says “apple mouse, cane, feather, bird,” which you know, sounds like a riveting tattoo, but this confusion is exactly why I got it. Egyptian hieroglyphs are said to be one of, if not the, oldest known languages and I nerd out HARD for how over thousands of years these “icons” have turned into the word brain.


Like what?

I’m telling you this because I think it’s a pretty good example of how my brain works — in a few words; too much, and about weird shit. THIS is the reason I draw shapes all the time. I have to shut my brain down for my own good + everyone around me. In margins of books, my work notes, magazines, napkins, with ketchup at restaurants, you can find these little guys dancing over every surface.

In a world where content creator is a real job and we are consistently swimming (drowning) through a saturation of images, likes, listicles, this, that, and the other — I live for the time where it’s just me and the paper. And while I enjoy creating the shapes, I know lots of people find solace in coloring them in so, I figured, we could team up! I’m about that kind of thing.

So if you need a personal recess, you can print one of these puppies out, lock your phone in a drawer, don’t lose the key, and ponder hieroglyphics or the Kardashians — both true wonders — whatever works.

That’s all ✌🏼 💕


p.s. Please share it with me if you do it, no judgements!!

Lizzi Egbers